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I have consulted with many businesses and industries, and using my P3 approach, have developed information and frameworks to enhance their decision-making and resulting outcomes, their processes and productivity, and their customer engagement.             
I. Successful outcomes from decision-making are obtained by creating information for decision-making that is strongly relevant and addresses all success factors and risks. This includes:  
          • Decision-driven performance measures that actually support decisions to be made and decision-making styles of the organization
          • Project portfolio management frameworks that make choices and their outcomes understandable
          • Programmatic risk assessment that comprehensively identifies risks, their likelihoods, and their consequences
          • Benefit-cost assessment that clearly presents benefits and costs of alternatives and the mechanisms by which benefits will be created.

II. Flair in products and services drives increased sales and premium pricing and increases acceptance of results from everyday work. Effective flair requires:

          • Formulating flair that reflects a meaningful and joyful essence of products and services
          • Engaging and energizing customers.

III. Productivity and value-creation from processes that involve human and technology interactions need address both soft and hard aspects. Examples of such processes include:  

          • Computer-generated advisories used by humans
          • Humans access to and use of information generated by computers from multiple sources
          • Sensors and computers monitor performance and alert humans.

IV. Often better outcomes result for decision-making and action formulation that involves stakeholders. Effective group coaching and facilitation helps with:

          • Deciding on actions
          • Planning strategy and actions
          • Developing programs.



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