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                                        Who Have I helped?

I have decades of industry experience and I have developed a loyal clientele that spans  many industries. Some of my more well-known clients include:

            •  Kopin Corporation

          • Assuring all aspects for launching new smart eyewear product are addressed.
          • Add flair to product, marketing, and launch events for smart eyewear.

            •  National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA)

          • Developed performance measures and performed risk assessment in helping NASA make decisions on multi-million dollar research program on Air Traffic Control: allocate funding, modify projects, and monitor status..
          • Develop concept of operations for new decision support tools for Air Traffic Control capabilities.

            •  Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

          • Studied how companies and government agencies perform research Project Portfolio Management. Recommended practices to the FAA for its research program.
          • Helped FAA develop and apply a Project Portfolio Management framework and performance measures for managing their R&D program.

              Merrill Lynch, Bassi-Kelley Group Wealth Management Team

          • Helped Bassi-Kelley Group refine the way they work with clients and grow their practice

            •  Babson College, School of Exec. Ed., Working Knowledge Research Center

          • Investigated creating, sharing, and using knowledge in projects. Results used in workshop with business members of Babson’s Working Knowledge Research Center

             •  World Bank

          • Developed Knowledge Management framework and decision information used to determine which knowledge activities to initiate, expand, change or discontinue.

              •  United States Navy

          • Help with design of Knowledge Management activities to support Navy mission to make “knowledge the tip of the sword.”

              •  Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Aerospace Engineering

          • Worked on a method for optimizing the routing of airplanes that accounts for the uncertainty of weather and airport departure time.

              •  San Jose State Univer., Dept. of Industrial and Systems Engineering

          • Worked on two projects to identify, characterize, and measure performance of pilots and air traffic controllers in operating under new concepts for Air Traffic Control.

               •  National Academy of Sciences

          • Facilitated workshop that made decisions on highway research program. Participants included National Academy of Sciences, Federal Highway Administration, industry, academics, and state and local highway agencies.

               •  Saab Sensis

          • Identified and characterized needs for unmanned aircraft to fly along with today’s human piloted aircraft to help NASA formulate a research program for unmanned aircraft.
          • Worked on benefit-cost assessment of several NASA research concepts for the terminal airspace.

               •  BAE Systems

          • Helped FAA develop and apply a Project Portfolio Management framework and performance measures for managing their R&D program.
          • Taught courses on benefit assessment to FAA program managers to prepare them for participation in FAA’s Investment Analysis Process to obtain funding approval.

               •  Engility

          • Identified and characterized needs for en route controller workstation in next 5 to 10 year period to effectively use new technologies and procedures to be introduced into Air Traffic Control. Objective was to decrease flying time, save fuel, and increase capacity of airspace.
          • Worked on a benefit-cost assessment for Brazil of installing a Global Navigation Satellite System for Air Traffic Control in Brazil.

               •  L-3 Communications

          • Developed performance measures of NASA research program covering multiple projects to increase the capacity of the nation’s Air traffic Control system.
          • Identified and characterized issues related to acceptance and implementation of new Air Traffic Control improvements. Addressed view of the controllers, pilots, airframe manufacturers, avionics manufacturers, airlines, and private pilots.

               •  LMI

          • Developed performance measures as part of project to identify key factors limiting achievement of capacity goals at airports.


"Jim is a valuable asset on any project. He is a patient communicator who is able to bring consensus by listening actively to others, clarifying key points by asking relevant quesiions, and integrating the responses to the overall project goals. Jim also has the ability to grasp new domains quickty, apply his knowledge effectivelY, and adapt quickly to changing goals and environnent."

Paul Lee,
San Jose State University







"Jim's process allowed our group the time and resources to define our value and process as a team. Before working with Jim the three of us [three members of Bassi-Kelly Group) may have answered questions differently which may have unintentonally caused uneasiness with clients. Through his work, the three of us decided on a process together which shows a more united fiont and in return has increased our growth rate."

Rachel Kelley, Bassi-Kelley Group, Wealth Managers, Merrill Lynch






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